Sopar a la fresca in Artà: A unique evening
10.08.2018 | 08:44

The past July 31 was held, as every year, the sopar a la fresca in the Conqueridor square. It is one of the most anticipated days in the festivities of Sant Salvador and everyone takes the opportunity to meet with friends and family to have a good time and enjoy the evening.


The dinner started as expected. At 9pm almost all the chairs were occupied and the food was on the table. The night promised. Walking through the square you could see the tasting menus of the different attendees. Cheeses, sausages, omelettes ... and without missing the star dish of the night: "el trempó". There were a few simple dishes and others more worked (I could even see porcella rostida) but they were all equally enjoyed by the diners.


The evening was enlivened by a very special artist. Alejandro Sanz! Or this thought a friend when I sent him the video of the performance. Fran Valenzuela was the singer who imitated the artist from Madrid and his performance did not disappoint the audience.


Once we had eaten, the most anticipated moment was coming (at least for me): the ensaimada and llet freda. Artà Empresarial wanted to be part of this event and what better way than to thank everyone for their participation in the sopar a la fresca (thanks to Pere Garau Forn for the ensaimadas and Brooklyn for the llet freda, both were very good) .


With a full stomach and the finished performance, it was time to pick up. The square was emptying and I had the impression that these events are the ones that unite in the town and make the artanenc spirit not disappear. The people enjoyed the party and made with their participation that the people of Artà and their parties have a very good health.


I am sure that next year we will continue making unforgettable holidays, thanks to all.